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Nanoking is an innovative organization which applies Nano coating on surface items in India. The organization was established in early 2019 to protect what we love. These coatings are intended to shield different surfaces from destructive environmental effects.

Our primary objective is to counsel about Nano Coatings and offer proficient coating assistance to a wide range of customers. Nano Coatings can be applied in Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Homes, Clothes, Shoes, Glass, Bathroom, Furniture, Kitchen, Solar Panels, Graffiti, Wood, Leather, Suede and many more. These Hydrophobic Coatings will save guard from Water, Oil, UV Rays and increase the life of the product.

All accomplishments of the organization are the result of diligence, assurance and objective arranged efforts of our team. We are a creative organization that is guided by the rule of legit communication with our customers. We accept that by putting resources into individuals and their abilities leads to improvement of our business.

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