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Anti Microbial Coating

Anti Microbial Coating

Despite the stringent sanitation steps that have been introduced, sanitizing surfaces is virtually difficult all the time, and it also does not guarantee that the surface will not be polluted again. Thus, an optimal solution would be for the surface to repel the pathogens-by quickly neutralizing the contaminated pathogens and eliminating them.

Anti Microbial Coating is a Multi-surface self-sanitising Nano Coating.
This effective self-sanitizing nano-coatings works by the mechanism of contact killing and remains active on the surface for at least 90 days.

The active ingredient in the product is the combination of metal nanoparticles and on-migratory cationic disinfectant which is extremely effective in killing the bacteria and virus 99.99%.

Protection against daily challenges

 Invisible hygiene and abrasion protection on Automobiles and mobile phones.

 Easy-to-clean and hygiene-treatment for ceramics in the kitchen, toilet lids, sanitary surfaces

 Defense against pathogens in public toilets, hospitals , public transportation and delivery boys vehicles.

 Permanent surface disinfection in hospitals, particularly those under intensive and quarantine care, or high-risk surfaces (e.g. door knobs)

 Permanent hygiene for frequently handled and used tablets, keyboards and other input devices, Handrails and elevators.

How It Works

The coating immediately kills the virus and bacteria present on the surface.

Further the matrix structure inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

The Anti-Microbial film created forms a shield against any Virus and bacteria for 90 days.

Application Area

All kinds of soft and hard surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabric, leather, floors, tiles, etc.

Recommended for residences, offices , schools, business complexes, hospitals, hotels, vehicles, etc.

Product name

Multi-Surface Self Sanitising Nano-Coating


Hydrophobic coating with germ protection up to 99.9 per cent
Resist Microbial attacks.
UV Protection
Certified Microbiological Efficiency.
Property Self-Sanitization; prevents routine dis-infection need.
Anti-microbial properties at application lasts for 3 months.

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Chemical Resistance
High Coverage
High Gloss
UV protection
Durable Life
Acid/Alkali Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Scratch Resistance