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Personal Coating

Personal Coating

Nanoking secured your personal accessories – watches, mobiles, electronic gadgets, adornments – from UV radiation, water harm and stains, giving a simple clean impact.

Going outdoors to appreciate the day with all your rigging, and without stress over the climate conditions

Chemical Resistance
Stain Free
Easy Clean
Water Repellency
Protection for your games devices. No stress over whipping them out in the rain.
Make your gold-plated, glue and outfit gems last more, shielded from blurring and harm.
Family treasures are protected and saved better.
Same with your device screens: screens and screens ensured and kept up in their pristine, immaculate look.

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Chemical Resistance
High Coverage
High Gloss
UV protection
Durable Life
Acid/Alkali Resistance
Abrasion Resistance
Scratch Resistance